best sat navs of 2017

The 15 best sat navs available in 2016.

Scroll down for in-depth reviews but for a quick look here’s a list of our Best Sat Navs of 2017

  1. Garmin nuviCam 6-inch Sat Nav With Built-in Dash Cam
  2. TomTom GO 5000 5-inch Sat Nav with European Maps, Traffic and Lifetime Map Updates 
  3.  Snooper Syrius Pro Sound DB8500
  4. Snooper Ventura Pro Sound DB8500
  5. Garmin Nuvi 2599LMT-D 5″ Sat Nav

Sat navs systems are pretty cool when they work well. Often coming with all sorts of extra features, it can be difficult to decide which is the right one for you and which really has the features you really want. Here, we’ll showcase some 15 of best sat navs available in 2016 and beyond. Some of these babies really go the extra mile…

1.Garmin nuviCam 6-inch Sat Nav With Built-in Dash Cam

Price £260

Garmin nuviCam 6-inch Sat Nav With Built-in Dash Cam
The Garmin nuviCam 6-inch Sat Nav With Built-in Dash Cam


  • Built in dash cam
  • Garmin Real Vision, Forward Collision and Lane Departure Warning
  • UK and Full Europe Maps
  • Lifetime Map Updates
  • Lifetime Digital Traffic Alerts
  • Bluetooth
  • 6 inch screen

For quite some time Garmin came a distant second to TomTom as industry leaders but they certainly seem to be catching up. With improved usability the Garmin Nuvi range are definitely living up to expectations. The Garmin nuviCam 6-inch Sat Nav is packed with a ton of features including a built in dash cam and with dash cams becoming evermore popular this is a great feature and perhaps a staple of future sat navs. The Garmin nuviCam boasts that not only is it a GPS and a dash cam but also a ‘dependable co-driver and so much more‘. This device does indeed get many positive reviews, even from thos who are switching over from TomTom. It does make a person think – Should I give Garmin a try?


best sat navs check it out
Where? – How much? £260

For more information on Garmin sat navs and much more including map updates click HERE to visit their UK website

2. TomTom GO 5000 5-inch Sat Nav with European Maps, Traffic and Lifetime Map Updates 

Sat nav reviews - The TomTom GO 5000
Sat nav reviews – The TomTom GO 5000

Price £229.16


  • Free World Map Updates
  • Free Lifetime Speed Camera Updates
  • Free Lifetime Traffic – SIM and Unlimited Data Included with Roaming at no Extra Cost
  • Fully Interactive 5 inch Screen

For many people TomTom are king of sat navs. You’ll see many on This is because they’re usually easy to use, easy to follow and are packed with extra features to enhance your driving experience. The TomTom GO 5000 is no exception. It’s a great sat nav and actually comes with sim and data included so you know you’ll be live when you hit the road.

sat nav reviews - TomTom MyDrive
MyDrive enables you to plan routes even before you leave your house

TomTom MyDrive can be used with this device via a smartphone, PC, or tablet. It allows you to see traffic info in real time which allows you to plan your route efficiently and send it to your TomTom GO 5000 so as soon as you step into your car your route will be planned. No more messing about, leaning over your dash and your wheel trying to find locations. Do it before you leave!

A great sat nav but quite expensive at around £230. Even so TomTom’s do what they should do and will usually last for years.


best sat navs check it out

To get TomTom map updates and view more products visit

3. Snooper Syrius Pro Sound DB8500

Price £399.99


If you’re looking for a sat nav which is in a different class with regard to quality, design, funactionality, processing power and cost then this could be the right one for you. If you are loooking for a more inexpensive device feel free to visit our cheap sat navs page. You may never have heard of Snooper but they really are in a league of their own and make some of the best sat navs available anywhere in 2015. Although the name is somewhat esoteric, possibly only familiar to car tech buffs they really do make good devices and we truly believe they are some of the best sat navs available today.

4. Snooper Ventura Pro Sound DB8500

Price £439.00

best sat navs - Snooper DB8500
The Snooper DB8500 – Designed for your caravan or motorhome


  • Ideal for motorhome/caravan navigation
  • DVB/Freeview TV
  • DAB radio
  • Specifically designed to locate campsites (24k of them across over 30 countries)
  • Campsite data for the caravan club included
  • Bluetooth


This device is aimed specifically at caravan and motorhome users so may not be the best sat nav if you’re looking specifically for a car sat nav. It makes the best sat navs list mainly because of it’s superior build quality, massive TV ready screen, and it’s processing speed which is second to none in the sat nav world.



Snoopers can be solid and brick-like which can be a bone of contention for many consumers but as they’re designed for use in motorhomes it’s doesn’t seem to be much of an issue, especially as it doubles as a TV. This makes its bulkiness somehow bearable and even makes you think of it as a device that as well made, rather than one which would be useful for clubbing a seal to death.


Where? - How much? £439.00
Where? – How much? £439.00




Sure the price is high but if money isn’t an object and you’re looking for the creme de la creme of in-car GPS devices then Snooper is probably the brand you should be looking at.

5. Garmin Nuvi 2599LMT-D 5″ Sat Nav

Price £139

sat nav accessories - Garmin Nuvi 2599
Garmin’s Nuvi 2599


  • Digital traffic, FREE for life – Get life time updates allowing you to ascertain the state of the road ahead!
  • Free lifetime updates with Garmin maps. Covers over 40 European countries
  • Bluetooth functionality allowing you to sync with your smartphone giving you bluetooth calling while you drive
  • 5 inch touchscreen with pinch functionality

This one of Garmins best sat navs, although of course that’s something you’ll eventually have to determine for yourself. It is a great device and has many top level features. The traffic alerts constantly keep you ahead of things and are some of the best seen on any GPS device currently available. The lifetime traffic feature of free for life so there’s no constantly paying for updates.

Where? - How much? £139
Where? – How much? £139

For more specific and indepth reviews visit the Garmin nuvi 2599LMT-D product page or click to find more Garmin products or map updates

TomTom GO 6000

Price £250

best sat navs - TomTom GO 6000
The TomTom GO 6000 with its giant 6 inch screen


  • 6 inch advanced touchscreen with zoom, swipe and pinch
  • Lifetime TomTom traffic – Lets you know where traffic jams are and how to avoid them
  • Eurpean lifetime maps – 45 countries
  • During the products lifetime you can download four full map updates annually

The TomTom GO 6000 is the big daddy of the TomTom GO 5000. It’s screen is bigger at 6 inches but is it as feature rich as it’s smaller relative? It has TomTom live traffic which is a great feature and makes you journey as easy and traffic free as humanly possible. It also has free European lifetime maps which includes 45 different countries.

With all this included, who could want more, right? Well, this is a great sat nav, but it’s primarily for screen junkies. You know, those of us who revel in bringing home a 70inch HD telly and sticking it on the wall to dominate the lounge. If that’s your thing then fair enough – this is probably the sat nav for you as the screen is big and very clear. However, if you like TomTom but want a feature rich sat nav the GO 5000 is probably more your thing.

best sat navs check it out
Where? – How much? £250

Prestigio GeoVision 5850 iGO

Price £139


best sat navs - Prestigio
The sat nav that works like a tablet
  • Android Based GPS Navigation System
  • HD quality
  • 5″ touch screen

This is one of the few sat navs you’ll see which runs Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich and as such has earned it’s place on the best sat navs reviews page.

OK, so ‘Prestigio’ sounds like a bad Italian tenor and so you may assume it’s a terrible device, or maybe built by a generic Chinese company like the Lujii and other cheap sat nav systems. On the contrary, it has great reviews and is back by a respectable company which even has a good website all about sat navs. It has to be said, many look comparable to the market leaders like TomTom, Garmin and others.



Where? - How much? £11.99
Where? – How much? £11.99

After all of this you’ll be wonder – “Which sat nav should I buy?”. Obviously, that has to be your choice. Maybe TomTom seems to be your thing or maybe you’re seeing the light that Garmin shines. There are loads of brilliant sat navs available now and many at a very reasonable knockdown price as you’ll see in our cheap sat navs review page. Ultimately though, most people will choose between the two market leaders.

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