cheap sat navs for 2016

For those of you who are on a budget or just don’t want to spend a small fortune – here are 15 cheap sat navs – all for under £100

A brief rundown of some pretty cool but cheap sat navs that won’t make too much of a dent in your bank account. If you’re looking for sat navs with better features and functionality visit our sat nav reviews page, or if you’re looking for all singing, all dancing sat navs that’ll do everything except keep you warm at night visit our best sat navs review page.

Garmin Nuvi 42 4.3 Inch

Price £59.99

cheap sat navs - Garmin 42
Garmin have improved usability and functionality


  • UK and RoI maps
  • Yearly subscription (£16.99) to speed camera alerts for a multitude of different cameras – average speed, variable, fixed, temporary etc
  • Lane guidance
  • PoI functionality

Garmin Nuvis are generally pretty good devices and have come a long way since the earlier Garmins were released years ago. At that time they had very poor usability. Now, however, Garmin have massively improved on their usabilty and functionality. The Nuvi 42 is at the cheaper end of the Nuvi range but still delivers a great sat nav for the price you’ll pay. It has lane guidance and points of interest functionality. As a basic, cheap sat nav it has everything you need. If you’re looking for cheap sat navs but don’t want a relatively unknown name (like some of                                                                                     the others in this review) then this may be a good choice for you.

Where? - How much? £59.99
Where? – How much? £59.99

Here’s a rather pretty lady from Maplin to tell you a little bit about the Garmin Nuvi 42.

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E-PLAZA 5 inch car GPS Sat Nav

Price £33.20 (+4.70 p&p)

cheap sat navs E Plaza
The E-Plaza 5 inch sat nav


  • Touch Screen
  • UK, AU, and North America Maps
  • Sunshade
  • Dash Mount

As cheap sat navs go I think this ones a doozy. With your first look at this mdevice you’ll be amazed at its sleek, high tech loooks and cheap price of just over £33. User reviews suggest that it’s build quality doesn’t disappoint. It has a good size touch screen at 5 inches which seems to give a pretty good display.

The E-Plaza seems most popular with people travelling to the USA or Australia as it comes with maps for both these countries as well as Canada and the UK. All in all this is a fantastic sat nav for those of you on a budget or just wanting it to drive around another country.

It isn’t jam packed with features but as a basic sat nav it’s great. Other reviews seem to agree! gives the E-PLAZA  4.5/5 stars

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Where? – How much? £33.20

Lujii sat nav, with multimedia features

Price £34.99

cheap sat navs - Lujii multimedia sat nav
Although a Lujii doesn’t sound very pleasant it might surprise you


  • 4.3 inch screen
  • Europe/UK maps
  • 4GB memory
  • Slot for micro SD card
  • Uses window CE6
  • Media player, MP4, MP3, and FM radio

Lujii? It sounds like something you pull out of your nose doesn’t it? “Quick darling, get that Lujii off the windscreen!”. Well, maybe it does but don’t let that put you off. Like many of the cheap sat navs on this page it actually seems to be a pretty good little device considering you’re only paying £34.99 for it. I mean that’s insane right? £34.99 for a sat nav that might cost you a couple of hundred if it had a brand name on it. Out of 122 people who reviewed it on amazon, 79 gave it 5 stars. Thats pretty darn good in my opinion, again considering the price.

Where? - How much? £34.99
Where? – How much? £34.99

 Noza Tec GPS Sat Nav 5 Inch with Lifetime UK and EU Map Updates

Price £30

cheap sat navs - Noza Tec
The Noza Tec 5 inch


  • UK, EU Map Updates for Life
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Postcode search, Points of Interest search
  • Traffic and speed camera alerts
  • Lane assist, voice guidance
  • 2D/3D maps
  • Radio, Calculator, Music Player and Photo Viewer

Noza Tec might not be a name you’re familiar with but on the whole feedback about their devices is positive. Its build quality appears that of the E-PLAZA. However, it isn’t as sleek and eye catching. Reviews for it are really positive with over 70% 5 star reviews on alone.

Some interesting feedback does suggest that Noza Tec ‘took me in very strange directions‘, and another suggesting it was ‘extremely buggy‘. Personally, I don’t have any experience of Noza Tec so I’m going purely by a myriad of other reviews garnered from the internet. However, the above complaints seem to be one offs and in my experience it’s when you get repeat duplicate complaints that you need to start worrying about buying a product. When they’re just one offs it has to make you doubt the competency of the user.

Noza Tec don’t seem to have any problem refunding money of replacing items so maybe get one in you hand and check it out for yourself.

Where? - How much? £30
Where? – How much? £30

Excelvan® 7″ TFT LCD Display Touchscreen

Price £39.99


cheap sat navs - Excelvan
the Excelvan has a huge 7 inch screen with mp3 and mp4 capability
  • 7 inch touchscreen LCD (800X480)
  • UK and EU maps
  • FM
  • MP3 and MP4 functionality
  • Operating system – MS Window 6.0

Excelvan market this device as a perfect GPS plus Entertainment. True, it does have quite few entertainment features for a cheap sat nav, but do they work well enough for this to be an ‘entertainment system’ as well as a sat nav?

The first thing to mention about the Excelvan is the large screen. At 7 inches its bigger than most sat navs on the market with the average being 5 inches. The display is 800×480 pixels which provides a reasonable picture. The MP3 and MP4 features enable you to listen to music or watch videos. Although these features have been included on many other sat navs seldom are they found on one with such a tiny price tag.

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Where? – How much? £39.99

Binatone U435 4.3 Inch Sat Nav Lifetime Maps Uk & ROI.

Price £54.99

cheap sat navs Binatone
The Binatone U435 – Basic but does what it’s supposed to


  • 4.3 inch touchscreen.
  • UK and RoI maps included
  • Speed camera alerts
  • Lifetime map updates
  • Saves past routes based on previous journeys.
  • Lane guidance
  • Points of interest functionality

Binatone might well be a name that you’re familiar with as they’ve been on the fringes of various technology for quite some time. Most peoples experience of Binatone is that they make products that work well but aren’t particularly jam packed with other features. As a basic sat nav this is an ideal little device. If you want more from a sat nav such as playing music or videos or a juicy and sleek big screen you may be disappointed with this one. That said, it does what its supposed to – It’s easy to use, easy to follow, and the voice is clear and concise. Just perhaps not for any major tech heads out there. If you don’t want complications and just want to get from A to B this could well be the one for you.

best sat navs check it out
Where? – How much? £54.99

Unsure about this sat nav? Check out this review of the Binatone U435 from

Garmin Nuvi 42LM 4.3 inch Sat Nav

Price £68.50


cheap sat navs garmin nuvi 42
Garmin have become a trusted name in GPS technology
  • 4.3 inch touchscreen
  • UK and Ireland maps included
  • Free Lifetime Map Updates (UK and Ireland)
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Lane guidance
  • Speed camera alerts
  • Points of interest functionality

Garmin is a name familiar to most people with any knowledge of car tech and are one of the most popular brands on the market today. You may have noticed that the other cheap sat navs reviewed have been relatively unknown in comparison with Garmin or TomTom.

best sat navs check it out
Where? – How much? £68.50

Carrvas 5 Inch Touch-screen

Price £29.99

Cheap sat navs - CarrvasFeatures

  • 5 inch TFT LCD touch-screen
  • 4 GB of built in memory
  • Bluetooth
  • Video player (supports multiple formats)
  • Audio player (supports multiple formats)
  • Windows CE 6.0

Another exceptionally well priced sat nav on the cheap sat navs list. Now at 29.99 this ones a bargain – although Carrvas probably won’t be a name you will of heard of like you will have with some of the more expensive devices. So as you might expect this won’t be the best sat nav you’ve ever seen but if you bear in mind how inexpensive it is then you won’t be too disappointed.


It does all the things that most sat navs will do; speed camera detection, voice guidance, search by postcode, bluetooth etc (see it’s Amazon page for fuller details) although you may find it slightly less responsive and you may also notice that the build quality doesn’t really compare with that of a more expensive sat nav.

Where? - How much? £11.99
Where? – How much? £29.99


If you’re interested in the Carrvas 5 inch touch-screen sat nav but want to see more before you decided to go off and buy one then check out this video review.


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