Dash cams – The best of 2016

Dash Cams - Nextbase 512G

Can good drivers afford not to have dash cams?

The roads today are increasingly a dangerous place to be. Far more so than even just 20 years ago. There are more cars, there are more dangerous drivers, there are more angry drivers – and because of all this having an accident or a confrontation can be an absolute nightmare. Drivers rarely admit fault so dash cam evidence of what really happened can be invaluable. Maybe it’s because of this that dash cams have seen a surge in polarity in recent years. If you do get into an accident or even worse a dispute or fight of some sort you’ll have video evidence to prove you weren’t in the wrong. And if you were in the wrong, well…..better hope THEY didn’t have a dash cam!

Of course, you can now buy sat navs with built-in dash cams but this page is just for camera dedicated devices. So, without further ado, let’s check out some of the best dash cams on the market in 2016.

REXING V1 2.7 inch Car Dash Cam

Price £39.99

Dash cams - Rexing V1




  • Driving Recorders works automatically without input
  • Recording device doesn’t stop
  • 170 degree 1080p six layer lens, 1920 x 1080
  • Amazing build quality – Extensively tested
  • One year warranty and continued support

Dash cams - Rexing V1




Out of the many, many good quality dash cams available this is perhaps one of the most different looking. It’s fairly compact and has a slanted look – almost a teardrop look from the side. The buttons are easy to reach and also light up for those evenings on the road. Easily mounted with a simple sticky pad it can be fitted to either the front or rear windscreen and with the aid of a super long USB cable that comes as standard it can be charged in either location. Also included is a shorter cable for use with a PC or laptop so you can retrive your images or videos and store them where you want to.

Although this is a reasonably cheap device the shape and look of it are cool and records really well too. To see how good the picture quality of this device check out the video below.

Where? amazon.co.uk - How much? £39.99
Where? amazon.co.uk – How much? £39.99


Nextbase 512G

Dash Cams - Nextbase 512G
The Nextbase 512G

Dash cams have become very, very cheap in recent years. They’re no longer something for geeks and wealthy people and are now affordable to pretty much everyone. Despite this drop in price for the cheaper models, features and functions you’ll get on a dash cam will get dramatically better the more you pay for one; higher res, better videa quality for instance. Nextbase dash cams aren’t the cheapest dash cams available, nor the most expensive for that matter, but they are pretty darn good and feature in many dash cam reviews. Here’s our review of the Nextbase 512G

Nextbase really do make top of the range dash cams and the Nextbase512G is one of them. It retails at around £150 on Amazon and thats with a £30 discount . Of course prices may vary depending on where you buy it and where you’re shopping from. in some places you’ll be able to buy a ‘GO KIT’ which will include an 8, 16, or 32GB memory card, an adapter and also a rather nifty little hard shell carry case. Amazon do sell a hardwire kit but don’t seem to sell the kit which includes the SD card – bad times. Of course any micro SD card will do the job as long as it capable of recording 1080p video. Bestsatnavs.co.uk would always reccomend going for a good memory card of class 9 or higher and preferably made by SanDisk.
The 512G has a screen like being at the cinema, well not quite, but it is 2.7 inches which is pretty good. This does however make it bigger and chunkier and hence covers more of your windscreen. Don’t worry though, you’ll still be able to see the road. If the mount is the suction type then it you’ll have to find a good clear piece of windscreen to stick it to as they’re often fickle about what they’ll stick to. We’d recommend sticking it down low or to the side. Of course the rule is, don’t let it get in the way of the drivers view. If this doesn’t suit you then buy a better mount. You can find some great ones at any retailer that deal with car tech. Just make sure it’ll fit the 512G.

The Nextbase 512G comes with a power cable that’s 4 meters long and will easily plug it your cars battery socket adapter – namely your ciggie socket via an adapter. Even though you don’t have to hardwire it you can keep all the cables pretty neat because of the positioning of the ports on the device. Simply plug it into the top oif the 512 and down one of the door/windshield pillers and across to your socket. Easy right? If you do want to buy the permant wiring kit it’s pretty cheap but if you don’t know your car electrics then it’s best to find someone who does.

This is a really well made dash cam with a great lens which uses a circular polariser. Rotating this will cut down on glare and greatly improve image quality. There’s not much left to say, it’s a great camera and I’ll include some videos below for you to check out and see for yourself.

Where? amazon.co.uk - How much? £39.99
Where? amazon.co.uk – How much? £149.99

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  1. Good article. I’ve considered getting a dash cam for a while. Can you tell me is Rexing a chinese make?

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