Garmin GPS DriveSmart 50LMT-D


Garmin GPS DriveSmart 50LMT-D

The Garmin GPS DriveSmart 50LMT-D is one of Garmins top-of-the-range sat navs. Garmin sat navs have improved massively in the last 4 or 5 years. Whereas sat nav technology was at one point dominated by TomTom, Garmin have brought their devices up to scratch and now pretty much level peg with the once industry leaders. Which sat nav you choose to buy is more a matter of personal preference. You know, like ‘Do you prefer to use PC or MAC?’, ‘Do you prefer Garmin or TomTom?’. So for all you Garmin heads out there

Price £199.99


  • Garmin GPS DriveSmartWarnings features for sharp bends and fatigue + much more
  • Phone alerts such as text messages, calls, emails straight to your sat nav screen
  • Simply plug in your sat nav to get digital traffic alerts to avoid incidents and congestion 
  • Go samrt phone to blue toooth and make use of hands free and voice activation directions
  • Lane assist, junction view and Garmin real directions provides detailed guidance believes that this is one of Garmins best stand alone sat navs. Sure they do other really good ones, and also pretty good ones that double up as dash cams like the 6 inch Nuvicam but all told this one is a great device. It features all of the latest software and functionality from Garmin and has a brilliantly sleek and stylish design whereas a lot of devices, even in todays slimline society are pretty chunky and brick-like and sometimes you’re lucky to be able to see past them to drive. As mention in the Features  it has driver awareness. This is really great for letting you know when dangerous things may be coming up such as really sharp bends in the road and will even give you warnings about fatigue.

Smartphone compatibility

This device will almost completely sync with your smartphone allowing your texts, calls, and more to show up on its bright crystal clear screen as you drive. It also allows for hands free calling via a bluetooth connection with your phone.

This really is a great sat nav and well worth the almost 200 quid you might pay for it in some places. Sure, it’s not the cheapest but we believe it’s worth every penny. If you’d like to know more check out the video review below or click Garmin sat navs to see more great Garmin GPS devices.



Where? - How much? £199.99
Where? – How much? £199.99

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