Garmin satnav – the nuvi 2597LMT 5inch

sat nav reviews - The Garmin Nuvi 2597LMT

Garmin satnav –  is the nuvi 2597LMT 5inch another spanker from Garmin?

Another li’l booty from the good people at Garmin satnav (Although this time nothing as exciting as a cam. I do apologise). but don’t be disappointed. This sat nav is literally busting with other cool features that are going to make your drive through Warrington town centre to see granny like a drive through the mountains of Switzerland to meet Angelina Jolie.

So, I hear you asking, ‘what does it have?‘ – If you’ll calm down and be patient, I’ll tell you…

Price £129.99

FeaturesGarmin satnav

  • 5 inch pinch-to-zoom touchscreen
  • Loaded maps for 45 countries including UK and RoI
  • Life time map and traffic alert updates
  • Bluetooth – enabling you to connect with your phone while driving
  • Birdseye view, photoreal, and active lane guidance

Joking aside, this really is another gem from Garmin. In the pAst 5 years they’ve done absolute wonders with their GPS devices and this one is no exception.Another great looking device with great features including pinchy zoomy touchscreen (technical terms, eh?), bluetooth capabilities to sync and use your smartphone, and birds eye view for junctions and those tricky areas.


It also uses Garmin real navigation to ensure that you feel like you’re guided by a friend along your journey. It recognises and uses landmarks and buildings helping you to familiarise yourself with your route. So instead of just ‘TURN RIGHT’, you’ll be told to ‘TURN RIGHT AT THE BRIDGE’. It’s a good little feature which means you’re not constantly counting down turnings to make sure you definitely get the correct one.


Included are up to 4 map updates a year with Garmin’s one-stop device management. To sum it up, Garmin are making some great sat navs these days which compare with any mid-range GPS device being made. Most come packed with features and are far more responsive than the equivalent sat nav of 5 years ago. This is one such device that’s highly unlikely to leave you disapointed.



Where? - How much? £199.99
Where? – How much? £129.99



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