sat nav accessories

sat nav accessories - Navitech universal friction mount

Some great sat nav accessories – some universal, some for TomTom, some for Garmin, some for fun.

Last updated 12/09/2015

Garmin Universal Friction Mount

Price £15.10


sat nav accessories - Garmin dash mount
Garmins nifty little dash mount
  • Allows you to easily attach your sat nav to your dash
  • Portable and flexible
  • Leaves no marks or damage
  • Fits most Garmin sat navs (check manufacturers list)
  • Safe and secure attachment

Does having a your Garmin sat nav attach to your windscreen annoy you? Probably not, but just in case they’ve made this nifty little mount for you. It attaches to your dashboard and in turn you attach your latest Garmin device to it. It has a friction, non-slip base which attaches easily and securely to most surfaces. It also has quite a cool bean baggy look to it…

Where? - How much? £15.10
Where? – How much? £15.10

For a comprehensive look at Garmin accessories go to the Garmin website

Rheme Universal Hard Case For all 5 or 6 inch Sat Navs

Price £6.99

sat nav accessories - Rheme hard shellcase
The Rheme hard shell provides durable protection for your device.


  • Super tough shell protection
  • Nylon shockproof material
  • Space for accessories
  • Central flap to protect you screen

There’s not really that much that can be said about this item. This really is a tough and durable case that will give your device protection as well as giving you storage space for other accessories.


Where? - How much? £6.99
Where? – How much? £6.99

Here’s a slightly dull guy to tell you more about Rheme hard shell cases

Click the link to see more hard shell sat nav cases on

LUPO 3 Way Cigarette Lighter Adapter and USB Port

Price £6.99


sat nav accessories - Lupo 3 way adapter
The Lupo will give you a three way. A four if you want USB as well
  • Turns your one car cigarette port into three
  • Also has a USB port
  • Will fit nearly all cars with DC 12V lighter socket
  • Fuse included (lucky you)


The Lupo 3 way cigarette adapter will turn your lonely mono ciggy port into 3. Yes, thats right, 3. Oh and get this – it also has a USB port alongside them. Now you’re excited right? Thought so. But seriously, it’s a complete faff around when only have one power port for items in your car. How do you plug in your sat nav, your phone, your tablet and your laptop? Well, choose four (three for cig lighters and one for USB) and the Lupo will allow you to charge them simultaneously. Magic.


Where? - How much? £6.99
Where? – How much? £6.99


TomTom One UK Charger

Price £12.25

sat nav accessories - TomTom charger
How annoying is it when your charger lead dies? Quite.


  • Will charge your TomTom sat nav
  • Suitable for all models


There really is’t much that can be said for this. We all know what it’s like when your charger lead goes don’t we? Wiggle here, wiggle there, push that bit, pull this bit, maybe it’ll work if we do that..? NO, it’s dead. Get a new one for Gods sake.

Always handy to have a spare lead. Made by TomTom and will charge all models.



Where? - How much? £12.25
Where? – How much? £12.25


Navitech Universal Dashboard Friction Mount

Price £19.99


sat nav accessories - Navitech universal friction mount
The Navitech universal friction mount
  • Fits Specified 7 inch tablets, 3. 5 – 7 inch screen sat navs and most smartphones.
  • Lid feature also double as sunshade and helps reduce glare
  • No suction pad or sticky film need. Adheres due to anti-friction mount. No mess upon removal
  • 12 month guarantee

This Navitech universal dash mount has a slightly different look to many many dash mounts as you might see from the rest of this review page. Rather than your sat nav sitting on top it is kind of wedged inside by a spring loaded ‘lid’. So aesthetically it’spretty cool and different. It works on friction as opposed to a suction pad or sticky film so will leave no nasty residue on your dashboard. Also comes with a 12 month guarantee.

Where? - How much? £19.99
Where? – How much? £19.99

Garmin sat nav mount for air vent

Price £16.99


  • Attaches to your car air vents

    sat nav accessories - Garmin air vent mount
    Does your Garmin get in your way? Not anymore.



There is really very, very little you can say about a dash mount, right? Right. Some people don’t like their GPS devices being in the windscreen as they feel it can obstruct their view. The Garmin air vent mount solves this problem. So for those of you who can’t see past you Garmin, here you are…



Where? - How much? £16.99
Where? – How much? £16.99

The popularity of using smartphones as GPS devices, or simply to attach to your dash or windscreen to aid usability is ever increasing. With that in mind, here are some funky and stylish phone mounts and accessories.

Mobio universal dash mount for mobiles or tablet 

Price £19.95

sat nav accessories - Mobio GO phone mount
The Mobio GO universal phone dash mount looks great.


  • Well styled and cool looking
  • Use magnets – safe with smartphones and tablet
  • Connection and removal are easy
  • Works with all phones and phone cases
  • Uses tough adhesives from 3M

Here’s one for those of you who use your phone as  GPS device (God forbid, right?). Well, whether you do use your phone for getting directions or if you just want it mounted it on your dash so you can check out who’s unfriending you on facebook (not recommended while driving) this is the mount for you.

Where? - How much? £11.99
Where? – How much? £19.95

This is a great little device. It’s good looking and not too intrusive. Check out this video review from the MyKeyReviews youtube channel

Mobio make some really cool and impressive products. If you’d like to see more visit the Mobio UK website

MONTAR Universal Dash Mount For GPS Smartphones

Price £17.49


sat nav accessories - Montar universal dash mount
  • Universal- Compatible with devices of up to 6 inch screen
  • Attaches via a suction cup
  • Quick and easy install and release
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Will attach to dash or windscreen


Phone models supported

  • iPhone 5,5s,6,6 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy Note, Note 3/4
  • Samsung Galaxy S4,S5,S6,S6 Edge
  • HTC One
  • Somny Xperia Z3 Compact, Z3,Z4



With the Glaxy Edge attached to it it looks pretty swish right? We think so. The Montar universal smartphone mount boasts 360 degree turning, easy attachment and removal, and will work with a whole host of smartphones allowing you to use it as a hassle free GPS. Check out the video review below.

Where? - How much? £17.49
Where? – How much? £17.49

Mount your TomTom GO to your air vent

Price £11.99


sat nav accessories - TomTom GO Air Vent mount
Functional or not?
  • Allows you to mount your TomTom GO to the air vent of your car
  • Easily removable with no damage
  • Compatible with the GO520, 720, 920

There are quite of few of these to choose from depending on the make and model of your device and I’m sure there are some universal ones too (if I find any I’ll review them). As far as sat nav accessories go I really like them but that said when I used one I had quite a small and light TomTom. It does what it says in the title; two litte clips go over the grills in your air vent and act as an anchor for your sat nav mount which you then stick your shiny new TomTom GO too, obviously.

There are some which look much simpler than this, and perhaps I’ll endeavor to review some at a later date. You have to be honest though, it looks like a 18th century device for for correcting rickets or something. However, from the multitude of review one can find it does seem that this one will grip your TomTom and never let it GO (I’m bored, OK?)

Oh no…the bad…

OK, so this mount may not let go of your sat nav and personally I owned a very similiar one and found it to be fine, but….but,but,but…reviews and star ratings haven’t always been too complimentary.  To start with it’s designed to be used on cars that have air vents with horizontal slats so if yours are vertical then don’t bother. It has also been said (quite a lot in fact) that although it will hold your TomTom there can be a lot of quite worrying movement. Sat navs aren’t easily readable when they’re have seizures. Another common complaint is that the it does not fit some of the devices it should do.

I’m fairly sure you’re not going to want to buy this aftr this review, but hey, if it should tickle your fancy hit the ‘CHECK IT OUT’ button below.

Where? - How much? £11.99
Where? – How much? £11.99

BDM Motorbike and Bicyle Waterproof  Sat Nav holder

Price £8.49

sat nav accessories - BDM waterproof holderFeatures

  • Waterproof holder case
  • Fits 5 inch sat nav models inc. Tomtom, Garmin, Navman, Magellan, Navigon

Do you own abicycle or a motorbike? Do you want to use your wonderfully brilliant car GPS system on it without it becoming damaged? Well this one’s for you then! The BDM waterproof sat nav holder will allow you to mount your TomTom or Garmin to your handle bars without any fear of it getting wet and becoming water damaged. For those of you who own both a car and bike/motorbike this is one of the sat nav accessories you really cant be without.

Where? - How much? £8.49
Where? – How much? £8.49