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sat nav accessories - Garmin Nuvi 2599

Sat nav reviews – Your guide to buying a sat nav in 2016

Today sat navs and GPS systems have become the dominant route finding technology. From well established hardware sat navs that physically attach to your windscreen such as TomTom or Garmin, to the newer smartphone apps. The later is often less reliable with when acquiring a signal, especially when used in urban areas. Whatever type of GPS system you’re after the sat nav reviews page will show a selection of sat navs that are popular and currently available. These are pretty run of the mill but good nonetheless. Visit our best sat navs page for a selection of the coolest sat navs currently available. If you want to check out other cool car tech like dash cams then go to the homepage and follow the links.

So lets get started…

TomTom Start2 UK and RoI Satellite Navigation System

Price £115.99

cheap sat navs - TomTom Start 5"
The TomTom Start with 5 inch screen


  • Free Lifetime Maps
  • 5 Inch Touchscreen
  • Advanced Lane Guidance
  • Spoken Street Names
  • Daily Map Changes free from the TomTom Map Share Community

The TomTom Start range are the most basic of the TomTom range. They’re also the most expensive on our cheap sat navs page. 5 years ago most would have thought this to be an amazing device. Alas, when compared with todays all singing, all dancing dash cam, bluetooth , assisted driving, and all the other techy stuff they now cram into your GPS device, it isn’t so good. Nevertheless, it’ll still get you from A to B without any fuss. At almost £116 this one is pretty expensive considering the very basic features incorporated, but then it is a TomTom so you decide.

best sat navs check it out
Where? – How much? £115.99

Garmin nuvi 2597LMT 5 inch

Price £120


sat nav reviews - The Garmin Nuvi 2597LMT
The Garmin Nuvi 2597LMT


  • Simple to use 5 inch touch screen
  • Life time map updates
  • Life time traffic updates
  • Bluetooth
  • Selected real photo and birds eye viewing


Ok, so another reasonably priced sat nav – nothing fancy but nevertheless a good device. Free life time maps and traffic updates, bluetooth so you can call people while driving, speed camera alerts. Basically verything you’d expect from a sat nav in this price range. Dual screen functionality so you can see what’s ahead as well as additional information. This li’l puppy also features Garmin Real Directions™ which allegedly gives you guidance like that of someone who knows you, using landmarks and road features you know and guiding you as such. The supposed benefits of this are that you’re not constantly trying to read street names and analyse the on screen maps. This comes hand in hand with a ‘more natural sounding voice‘ and  realer images of road signs and the like.

You really do get a whole lot of bang for your buck with the Nuvi 2597. I’d say it’s one of the more feature rich devices Iin the sat navs reviews section. For more info on Gamrin Nuvi features, different products, and access to updated maps visit Garmin UK.

Check out this video by Garmin to tell you more about these features. (Be warned the sat nav featured in the video does look different to the Nuvi 2597LMT)

Where? - How much? £120.00
Where? – How much? £120.00

TomTom GO 40 4.3 Inch

Price £79.99


sat nav reviews - TomTom 40
Affordable sat navs from TomTom
  • TomTom maps and traffic updates for life (UK and RoI)
  • Voice activated features
  • Speed camera warnings
  • 4.3 inch touchscreen
  • Lane guidance
  • POI

What’s that you say? Another TomTom? Oh yes, I say. This is a very average TomTom but very decent all the same. It’s what you’d call an entry level sat nav. You know, for those who are quite techy techy enough to use a GPS with a feature that email you auntie in Australia or make an espresso. This has come down in price massively. If memory serves correctly it was around the £140 mark when it was first released but you can now find it at around the £70-80 price range. Not bad, eh?

You may have seen that we have a cheap sat navs review page featuring many devices that are not really what you’d call mainstream names such as E-Plaza, Lujii, Noza Tec, and Excelvan, to name a few. These are all pretty good looking devcies, especially when you consider the price tag which is generally under £50 but aren’t the brand names that we’ve come to know and love. Lower it’s prices on mid-range sat navs is one of the ways in which TomTom and Garmin have attempted to compete in forever diversifying market (particularly with the advent of smartphone GPS and technology). You’ll see quite a mid-range devices on the sat nav reviews page.

Where? - How much? £120.00
Where? – How much? £79.99